Thursday, October 1st

7:00pm: Can Genetically Modified Crops Help the Poor? A Debate
With: Raj Patel and Jennifer Thomson
Ondaatje Hall, Marion McCain Building

Friday, October 2nd

8:30-9:00am: Breakfast

9:00-10:30am: Panel #1 – Can First-Generation GM Crops Help the Poor? An Examination of the Empirical Record
Discussants: Elizabeth Fitting, Melinda Smale, Brian Dowd-Uribe
University Hall, MacDonald Building (2nd Floor)

10:30-11am: Coffee Break

11:00-12:30pm: Panel #2 – Can New-Generation GM crops Help the Poor? New Technologies and New Approaches
Discussants: Glenn Stone, Rachel Schurman, Jennifer Thomson
University Hall, MacDonald Building (2nd Floor)

12:30-1:30pm: Lunch

1:30-3pm: Genome Canada’s Genomics, Public Policy and Society (GPS) Session I
Download the draft GPS brief here: GPS Policy Brief – First Draft (PDF 166kb)
Presenters: Matthew Schnurr and Stuart Smyth
Discussants: Judy Shaw, Stanford Blade, Grace Skolstad, Haroon Akram-Lodhi, Peter Andree
University Hall, MacDonald Building (2nd Floor)

3:00–3:30pm: Coffee break

3:30-4:45pm: Genome Canada’s Genomics, Public Policy and Society (GPS) Session II
University Hall, MacDonald Building (2nd Floor)

6:30pm: Dinner – Mezza Mediterranean Grill
6386 Quinpool Rd
Halifax, NS B3L 4N2
Find on: Google Maps
(902) 444-3914,

Saturday, October 3rd

8:30-9:00am: Breakfast

9:00-10:30am: Panel #3 – Junior Scholar Roundtable
Laura Escobar, Kristal Jones, Amalia Leguizamon, Hanson Nyantakyi-Frimpong
University Hall, MacDonald Building (2nd Floor)

10:30-11am Coffee Break

11:00-12pm: Panel #4 – Where do we go from here?
Discussants: Matthew Schnurr, Lincoln Addison, Chris Gore
University Hall, MacDonald Building (2nd Floor)

12:00-1:00pm: Lunch